Dear students

I welcome you all to study in one of the oldest and academically rich colleges of the Kullu District i.e. the Govt. College, Kullu. It has exceptionally calm and exotic environment to grant teaching and receive learning attributes. We want to give you the best education through our exceptionally brilliant and academically competent team of teachers. We want to develop a scientific approach, which means there would be no irrational dogma. In this temple of learning it will be our endeavour to infuse in our students self respect, courage, uprightness and pragmatic wisdom through its various campus activities such as debates, discussions, cultural and community service programs.

            Dear students, future belong to information Technology. Today we have new advances in technology, computers and internet, that is giving us the power to solve many more problems and that the future is becoming better than the past. Everything, every event is managed and controlled by computers. In time to come, those who do not know how to operate computers will be treated as illiterate although they may be very good in written or oral work. The information highway—the Internet—is taking us much further and faster than the interstate highway system ever could. Its growth has been phenomenal. Everyone is signing on, surfing, browsing, emailing and putting up a blog site. The evolution of the computer age—convergence—is becoming commonplace where high speed data, voice and video all converge in one hand-held device that fits into your shirt pocket in the form of cell phone.

Dear students, it is also our duty to gain correct knowledge and help those who could not get opportunity to study like you. In fact education is for improving life of other not only yours. So to get success and become able to serve the suffering humanity (a) know more than other (b) work more than other and (c) expect less than other. Also, remember that success is not key to happiness rather happiness is key to success.

In this noble cause a constant encouragement from parent and community is also needed. The respect towards teachers, caring about proper usage of hard earned money of parents, not throwing litter in campus, not to disfigure and damage college property etc are some of good manners we expect from all of you.  The core focus of one’s life needs to be service to others. Success becomes a kind of by product of a life spent in embellishing and elevating the lives of others. The Nation looks toward you with high hopes. So, prepare yourself to serve your society by making right choice of career matching your ability, skills and aptitude. Remember,

                                Everything is easy to those who are busy!

                                Nothing is easy to those who are lazy!!!