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The college aims at holistic development of the students so as to make them employable and self-reliant as well as responsible member of the society. The main objective of the college is not only to impart knowledge to the students, but also to instill human values in them.

Govt College Kullu, situated on the right bank of River Beas, has one of the most picturesque scenic spot for experiencing the teaching-learning activities. The college has successfully completed 49 years of its existence. It was established on 8th July, 1967 with an aim to disseminate quality education to the youth of Kullu Valley and to shape the youth by inculcating in them the ethos of tradition and change. The college caters to the needs of students of Kullu, Lahaul & Spiti and Mandi Districts. The college is affiliated to H.P. University, Shimla. At present it runs graduate courses in Arts, Science and Commerce, Post graduate courses in M.A. English and Economics, B.C.A. and B.B.A. There are well equipped computer lab, well stocked library and hostels facilities for boys and girls. The college has established a glorious record of excellence and notable achievements in academics, sports, cultural and other fields.The college aims at the overall personality development of the students and equipping them for quality life. Highly qualified and well experienced faculty members make continuous and concentrated efforts in shaping the future of the students. We provide excellent facilities in the field of sports also.

Development activities during 2015-18

1.     Constructed pever fitted parking along with its boundary wall in June, 2015.

2.     In July- August, 2015 constructed 80 mt long Cement concrete channel and also constructed the retaining wall (Danga) to temporary save the damaged road during heavy rain.

3.     Entire labs of BCA were fitted with ACs for computers, one AC was installed in staff room in July-Aug in a response of ACS to make staff room a comfortable place to sit.

4.     Entire college was covered with 80 CCTV cameras in Sept- in entire science block, Library building, Boy’s as well as in Girls Hostel

5.     Installed 6x4 sized metal sheet notice boards and metallic dustbins welded at various places in college at for swachh Bharat initiative and fixed the garden benches in December 2015.

6.     Did leveling of playground and erected cemented 1x1’ rain water drainage channel all along boundary of playground to save the erosion of playground area by heavy rain.

7.     Renovated physics and chemistry laboratories by tiling the floors, laminating lab benches and erecting wooden shelf and painting works during Jan-March 2016.

8.     In order to meet NAAC requirements formed Old student Association by registration of this association under society Act 2006 in March 2016.

9.     Formed HEIS Society for self financing courses such as BCA, BBA etc as per directives of Directorate of higher education Shimla in April, 2015.

10.  Constructed in June the hollow square iron pipe railing on the back side of students benches in the playground in June 2016.

11.  Procured grant and installed three phase transformer for new Arts Block building in June 2016.

12.  Constructed Danga on the left side of science block, fitted iron railings on it and also made sitting circular benches of stone masonry around trees there in June-July 2016.

13.  Arranged procurement of  furniture through directorate worth 50 lakhs from Khadi board for newly built Arts block of College such as 800 double seater benches, 14 lecture stands, about 200 cushioned chairs, sofa sets matting for staff room and new conference room by arranging conference table, speaking mikes, matting .

14.  Renovated completely the Library of college by painting, doing wooden flooring for student’s audio visual room almirahs, student’s reading tables and chairs etc. in Nov 2016.

15.  Made additional class room and library area for BCA by doing aluminum fabrication and also wooden flooring and painting etc in Nov 2016.

16.  Furnished music room by doing aluminum fabrication, matting and digital podium in Nov 2016.

17.  Built vermin compost pit in and also built botanical garden by planting various plants Nov 2016.

18.  Made well mat finished stage along with green rooms in multipurpose hall, new conference room, new music room and well furnished staff room in Nov 2016.

19.  Entire newly built Arts block of college was covered with 22 CCTVs in Dec 2016.

20.  Built six new smart class rooms by fixing all in one digital podiums containing CPU, visualiser, smart touch screen and projector in Dec 2016.

21.  Arranged Naac Peer team visit to  college  after 2003 in Dec., 2016  and  earned B++ grade.

22.  Entire college area including hostels was made wi-fi by reliance jio in Feb 2017.

23.  The iron poles with chains along drainage chanel, a sharp pointed railing on danga in front of New Arts block, six garden green benches in front of Arts block and ten airports benches were purchased for sitting of students in open space inside Arts Block.

24.  The pavering work in Boy’s and Girl’s toilet on backside as well as on left side of Science block and in road of college parking was carried out in April, 2017.

25.  The Zoology and Botany labs were revamped with tiling, wood works in repairing benches and shelves and paintings in April-May 2017.

26.  Started new course B.VOC in college in June 2017 consisting of two trades TH and RM.

27.  Seven rooms were made smart class rooms in July 2017 by installing all in one Digital podium containing inbuilt CPU, touch screen monitor, visualiser and inbuilt address system.

28.  Became first college of HP by instating napkin bending machines and incinerators in each Girls toilet of Arts Block, Science block and in Girls hostel of College in July, 2017.

29.  Built two labs for B Voc. courses by painting, grill fixing and electric repair in August 2017.

30.  Golden jubilee celebrations were organised in college campus for three days wef 27-29th Sept 2017 with the help of Old Students Association and college administration.

31.  In order to overcome frequent electric failure especially during winter jeopardizing the works in Science laboratories, a 125 KV generator set was purchased and installed in November 2017 by connecting entire college buildings to  Genset during power failure.

32.  An additional computer lab for BCA was made by purchasing 20 computers and fixing computer tables and doing additional required electric fitting in BCA block in Dec 2017 which was inaurated by Hon’ble Forest Minister Govind Singh Thakur ji

33.  National conference on “Management of natural and environmental issues” funded by ICSSR New Delhi was held in college on 28-29th Dec., 2017.

34.  The IT lab of college was renovated by purchasing new computers as these were provided by DIT of Himachal Pradesh in 2007 and were become obsolete. 15 computers are being purchased in Feb 2018.

35.  The old staff room in science block was converted into computer cum instrumentation center in which old computers of IT lab were shifted.

36.  All Windows of ground floor of newly made Arts block are being grilled in Feb., 2018.

37.  The road leading to Girls hostel and also the area around Girls hostel were paverd in Feb-March 2018.

38.  Sh Govind Ji Thakur Forest Minister (H.P.) announced Rs 15 lakh for basket ball stadium and Rs 10 lakhs for kabbadi mattresses in Srijan 2018.

39.  Education Minister of HP, Hon’ble Sh Suresh Bhardwaj was chief guest in APDF 2018 in which he announced MTA and MA in couple of subjects

40.  A big and combined Rain water harvesting tank of about 1 lakh liter capacity was built along with laying 6” water collecting pipes by framing estimate from PWD for science block, Library, office building and new Arts block in April- May, 2018.

41.  Established new department of Geology by purchasing Almirahs, practical instruments and library books of concerned subject in May 2018.

42.  Expanded CCTV facilities in two hostels, New Arts Block of college and also entire building which houses BBA, T &T and B.Voc. was also covered under CCTV in May, 2018.

43.  The repair of entire ceiling, ten toilets and warden residence was done by framing estimate from PWD and executed work from building fund of College by forming committee in May June 2018.

44.  Due to its good NAAC grade which is B++, the college secured 2 Crore infrastructure grant under RUSA in May 2018.

45.  College feels pride in getting position among top hundred best colleges of India by India today ranking in June, 2018 as mentioned in its June 4, 2018 issue of India today magazine




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